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George Sotiropoulos
started martial arts
in 1997 after seeing a UFC event.
Instantly it became
his goal to fight
in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Shortly after UFC 13 in 2008, George was injured in training and spent the remainder of the year rehabilitating from the injury. In 2009 he resumed fighting at UFC 101 making his lightweight debut. He rose quickly going on a seven fight unbeaten streak in the UFC. This put him in line for a title fight and he was top ranked in 2010. This earned him the role to coach "The Ultimate Fighter"; Australia vs. The UK in 2012. George posted a career record of 14 and 7 with a UFC record of 7 and 4. His resume in the UFC includes: TUF 6 Finale, Ultimate Fight Night 13, UFC 101, 106, 110, 116, 123, 127, 132, UFC on FX and UFC 166.

The next several years, George was training and fighting around the globe. In 2005 George returned to the USA for training and then in 2006 he fought a MMA bout in Guam. A month later he won the Australian MMA ‘Warriors Realm’ welterweight title then went to Thailand for Muay Thai training. After achieving his training goals, he resided in Japan for 10 months, during which he competed in three notable BJJ and Grappling events and fought in two MMA bouts against his top competitors. By December, he was back home in Australia. To say the least, 2007 was a busy year. The following year would be much of the same. George won the Australian ADCC qualifier in February and two months later, he debuted in professional boxing and fought MMA in South Korea. Two weeks later he competed in the ‘Submission Wrestling World Championships’ in New Jersey. And a month later he was on the set of ‘The Ultimate Fighter 6’ (TUF) in Las Vegas, fighting three times in six weeks. When filming for TUF was completed George headed to NY and resided there for his next two fights; the TUF6 Finale in December 2007 and UFC Fight Night 13 in April 2008.

George Sotiropoulos started martial arts in 1997 after seeing a VHS recording of a UFC fight, he instantly made a goal to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. At 19 years old, he began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). By 2001 he held a purple belt rank and won numerous Australian BJJ and grappling tournaments. Later that year, he headed to the USA, to train at the Machado Academies in Los Angeles and the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York. Upon returning to Australia, he commenced wrestling with former Olympian, Ziggy Kelevits and then qualified for the Abu Dhabi (ADCC) “The Submission Grappling World Championships”. Preparations led him back to the USA in 2003. George received his BJJ black belt in August 2004 and he commenced boxing with Australian amateur and professional champion Mitat Balla. By the end of the year, he competed in numerous bouts in preparation for his MMA debut in November 2004, fighting three times in one month.

This is one of the greatest UFC Fighters of our time. Lorenzo Fertitta, Chairman/CEO
George Sotiropoulos
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